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Hub Scrub Card Front (PDF Download)

Hub Scrub Card Back (PDF Download)

For successful swabbing, IV connector disinfection should occur pior to each time any syringe, IV tubing or blood drawing device is attached to the connector.

Step 1: With disinfectant wipe*, press down with your thumb on the top access area of any IV or central line port and rotate 3-5 times clockwise & counter- clockwise, similar to “juicing an orange”

Step 2: Repeat process around threads of IV access connector

Step 3: Disinfect for each IV access

*Disinfectant wipes are 70% isopropyl alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol/2% chlorhexidine gluconate

Why Hub Scrub?:

A quick swipe of the surface does not meet the standard for either friction or time. Friction removes gross particulates from the surface. Biocide activity occurs when wet with alcohol and dry with chlorhexidine. Therefore, when using a disinfectant with chlorhexidine gluconate, a 30-second drying time is recommended.

Prevent Microorganisms associated with Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections (CRBSI)

Microorganisms: Surface contamination comes from the patient (skin, drainage, sputum, etc) or from the healthcare provider (hands). Surface contaminant microorganisms include: Coagulase Negative, Stapphylococci, S. epidermis and S. aureus, C. albicans, Methicillin Resistant S. Aureus (MRSA), P. aeruginosa, E. coli, E. faecalis, and K. pneumonia.



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